Testing Your Modem

The first thing to understand is that the rate shown in your dial-up connection is not a true and accurate picture of what speed your modem has connected to the internet. It is only a test of what your CPU to modem speed. What is a good way to test for true modem connection rate? FTP downloads. However, web browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer often give inaccurate readings about download rates.

So how do you go about checking your true connection rate?

1. By using a raw transfer program such as ws_ftp.
2. By downloading a compressed (.zip) file so no hardware data compression kicks in.
3. By downloading a large .zip file for an accurate reading.

bits n' BYTES is pleased to offer you the programs and capabilities to do this modem speed test. Please follow the instructions below:

Using ws_ftp for downloading

1. Download WS_FTP for Windows95.
2. Unzip the files and install the program (Inst32.exe ). Download Winzip for Windows95 if you haven't already installed it.
3. Start ws_ftp.
4. Login by using the information & instructions provided below:
Enter these:
  1. ftp.bnbytes.com
  2. Automatic detect
  3. anonymous
  4. Your E-mail address

5. Choose the directory using the instructions below:

  1. bits n' BYTES's files: double click the word pub to be in the public directory.
  2. Your drives on your system.
  3. Check Binary.

6. Transfering files:
  1. Locate the drive on your PC which you wish to receive the new file by double clicking on it in area 1 Use the ChgDir button to find the local directory to which you wish to save the new file.
  2. Double click on the file in area 3 which you wish to recieve and it will appear in area 2 when it has been downloaded to your PC.

7. Congratulations! You have just downloaded a file using ws_ftp!

To accurately check your modem connection speed, download the file named: test.zip. Notice that when the download is complete, ws_ftp will reprt to you the exact speed at which the download took place. That is your true modem connection speed. (The test.zip file contains midi and wav files and may either be deleted after download or unzipped for your listening pleasure.)


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