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bits n' BYTES offers some practical internet utilities that are available for download from our website via the links below, or from our FTP Server.
  • WinZip for Windows 95/98: A neat program which allows you to unzip downloadable files or to package a set of files together for downloading or e-mail attachment.
  • WS FTP for Windows 95/98: An FTP program which allows you to connect with our anonymous FTP for faster downloads or to check your modem speed.
  • CD-ROM Driver for Windows 95/98: This is an executable file which contains the necessary files to connect your newly installed CD-ROM and your computer. Just download and execute it! (For use on all TEAC version CD-ROMS)

Other fine Utilities which will increase your net surfing appeal are available at their respective websites. Among those utilities we consider to be the most useful are:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: A free plug in for your internet browser which allows you to read and print Portable Document File (.pdf) formats. This is a standardized format for printing off such things as Internal Revenue Service Forms or government reports.
  • Edit Pad: A wonderful replacement text or html editor for Note Pad (This entire website was created using Edit Pad). Allows for all the standard Note Pad utilities but allows you to have multiple pages open at one time and store files in a variety of formats. Best of all, it's free!
  • Real Player: Another great utility which allows you to download and view Real Player Videos and Real Player Audio. Easily the most sophisticated audio/video utility currently available. And yes, it's free!
  • QuickTime: Is another popular video format and player for your internet browser which is also available free of charge!
  • Netscape: The place to check for and download the newest releases of the popular internet browser.
  • Internet Explorer: The place to check for and download the newest releases of the popular internet browser.

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Modem Test


Do you know the speed at which you are gathering and transmitting data on the internet?
Do you believe it is the connection rate shown on your dial-up networking?

Unfortunately, most people answer no to the first question and if they do believe they know, they answer yes to the second question. We wish it were that easy!

Want to learn a bit more about connection speed and find out your true data transfer rate? If so, then come in to our instructional pages and learn how to test your modem and computer for a true idea of how fast you surf the net!


Tech BBS

bits n' BYTES is also proud to host an on-site Tech Board! Got questions for us? General information or some basic help? Or are you a techie who would like to share his hard fought wisdom with fellow surfers? Either way, we invite you to jump onto our tech board.


Y2K got you down? Don't sit and worry about potential time bombs, download the BIOS check for your computer to see where you stand. Then cruise the Y2K links of the major manufacturers' sites to test all of your system!


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