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bits n' BYTES is proud to be a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (MCSP). As independent third parties, MCSPs focus on finding the best solution for their customers. So although MCSPs have proven Microsoft product expertise, they also have experience with a multitude of products and technologies, not just the Microsoft product line.

MCSPs enjoy the highest level of engagement with Microsoft through a variety of exclusive MCSP benefits like business development tools, early access to Microsoft products, technical information and resources, and worldwide networking with other MCSP organizations.


Operating Systems

[NT] Windows NT ™ Workstation is the most powerful 32-bit desktop operating system, with a focus on performance, reliability, security, and manageability. This desktop operating system is recommended for businesses of all sizes.

[WIN98]Windows ™ 98 is the successor to Windows 95 that makes your computer work better and play better. This desktop operating system is designed to provide better performance and reliability, improve Internet access and ease of use, and unlock the power of a new generation of hardware.



[MSIE]Microsoft Internet Explorer ™ 5.0 is easy, personal, complete. Find what you want quickly with Explorer Bars. View the coolest, most entertaining Active Channels and surf safely, thanks to Internet Explorer´s Security Zones. Browse the Web and the rest of your Windows PC with a Single Explorer. Anywhere in the world, communicate and collaborate with friends and colleagues using Outlook Express and NetMeeting. And if you consider yourself a power user, be sure to try out PowerToys. Live the Web the way you want it.

[Office]Microsoft ™ software offers users the best products at the most affordable prices. Microsoft Word, the world's leading word-processing program also opens the way to highly efficient online communication and collaboration. With spreadsheets and new shared workbooks, Excel not only helps turn data into answers, but also enables groups to work together more effectively. Outlook Express is today's premier program for e-mail, scheduling, and all manner of desktop information-management.

Microsoft, Windows98, Internet Explorer, Office & NT are all ™ of Microsoft Corporation.


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