Intel ®

[Intel] From the first release of the 4004 Microprocessor in 1971 to the coming release of the Pentium III ® processor, Intel ® has been the industry leader in microprocessing.
bits n' BYTES is pleased to feature only genuine Intel ® microprocessors in all bits n' BYTES computers.
bits n' BYTES and Intel ® , working together to bring you the best in processing capability.

Celeron ™ Processor

[Celeron Processor]
The Intel ® Celeron ™ processor offers the dependability you expect from Intel ® at an exceptional value. A budget wise processor which is fully capable of running all of today's most common PC applications.

Pentium ™ Processor

[Pentium II Processor]
The Pentium ® II processor offers great performance for both today and tomorrow's application. Ideal for creativity, entertainment, communications, productivity applications and completely upgradable.

Pentium ® and bits n' BYTES; Computer systems for today and tomorrow!

Xeon ™ Processor

[Xeon Processor]
The Pentium ® II Xeon ™ processor is designed for mid-range and higher servers and workstations, delivering high performance and scalability to run UNIX and Windows ® NT for business critical applications.
Let bits n' BYTES and Intel ® put a server package together for you today!

Pentium ™ III Processor

The Pentium ™ III processor at 500 and 450 MHz extends processing power further by offering performance headroom for business media, communication, and Internet capabilities. The Pentium ™ III processor offers great performance for today's and tomorrow's applications as well as quality, reliability, and compatibility from the world's leading microprocessor company.
Due to be released on February 26, 1999
Intel, Pentium, Xeon & Celeron are all ® ™ of Intel ® Corporation.


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