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bits n' BYTES is proud to be an authorized dealer of 3Com ® products and technologies. The 3Com ® name is most recognizable by their association with 3COM ® Park football stadium in San Fransisco, but we believe you will recognize many of the brand names of 3Com's fine products.

3Com ® and bits n' BYTES, offering you the right connection.


[US Robotics]

U.S. Robotics ® has long been recognized as the leader in desktop modems and with their acqusition by 3Com, two powerful forces have joined together to bring you the best in modem technology. With 3Com/U.S. Robotics, you can experience the best of the internet. 56K and 33.6K desktop modems bring the web to life on your screen. Exciting motion, sound and speed allows 3Com/U.S. Robotics to connect more people to information than anyone else in the world. Additionally, 3Com's new, business designed Courier modem offers fast, secure, reliable connections with superior performance for the corporate user.


[3Com Video]

However, 3Com ® is more than just a superior modem company. 3Com ® is also a leader in the developing Video Picture industry. 3 Com's BigPicture video phone is the #1 selling PCI camera and capture card. BigPicture is a premier videoconferencing package, which gives you a high quality NTSC with a built in microphone for world class video conferencing as well as a full suite of video editing and communications software.
3Com, U.S. Robotics, Courier & Big Picture are all ® ™ of 3Com.


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