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bits n' BYTES Computers has been serving the Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico area since 1994. To find out more about our history,background and how to contact us, visit our profile.

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bits n' BYTES is pleased to offer a wide variety of computers to fit all needs.

Featuring Intel Processors:

Also offering:

bits n' BYTES is also pleased to offer a full line of computer software from from all major brand name manufacturers. See a sampling of what we have to offer!

Rounding out your system with the perfect printer will give you the opportunity to bring home that complete system that will last you for years to come. See the our selection of brand name printers!

There is always something special happening at bits 'n BYTES. Stop by and check out our latest specials for some low prices on high quality!


bits n' BYTES is proud to be associated with the following partnerships:
[Intel] [3Com]
[Microsoft] [MGE]

Feel free to visit our partners page to find our all the things available through bits n' BYTES

Tech Support

bits n' BYTES is proud to offer on-line tech support for our products as well as download capabilties from our anonymous FTP. Please take a moment to visit any of the following pages:


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