Special Hosting Offer

Features Hosting Special
Network Connectivity 4-T3
Server Hardware Dual-550 Mhz Pentium III
Server Operating Systems Red Hat Linux (UNIX)
Server Software Apache 1.3.4
POP3 Email Accounts 5 (plus 1 catch-all for "leftover" email)
Personal SMTP Mail Server yes
Web Based Control Panel yes
Direct (Live Person) Monitoring 24/7/365
Disk space 250MB
Data transfer per month 2 Gigabytes
Email Forwards, Aliasing, Mail Lists unlimited
Auto Responders unlimited
FTP Access yes
CGI Bin (full access-no script approval!) yes
Telnet Access with SSH yes
Java, Perl 4, 5-5.004, C++, Python, TCL Compliers, IMAP4, Procmail, CGIEmail, FormMail, Javascript yes
Pine, Joe, Pico, Cron Tab yes
PHP 3.0.7 yes
Registration or transfer of your domain name with InterNIC
Secure Server (SSL)
Protect your online transactions from "onlookers" - Unlimited Access!
Password Protected Directories yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) on all pages that end with .shtm and .shtml yes
FrontPage 97, 98 and 2000 Extensions yes
Support For:
VocalTec Internet Phone, Fractal, Voxware, VivoActive, Sizzler, VRML, Vream - Virtual Reality Authority Software, FutureSplash, Macromedia's Shockwave, Infinop's - Wavelet Image Compression, Midi, TrueSpeech Digital Audio
Site Backups daily
Unix Shells: bash, csh, tcsh yes

Setup Price

Quarterly Price

$105 ($35/month)

Yearly Price

$360 ($30/month)

*Does not include

$70.00 Internic Fee

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