Serendipty House Bed and Breakfast uses multiple colored textured backgrounds, buttons and images. Striking photos with gold frames adorn the pages and give customers a "look and feel" of the B&B before calling in for a reservation.

Dallam County On-Line Community is a local YAHOO! type setup. Graphics are kept to minimum and color is added by use of colored tables. A heavy Javascript onMouseOver techniques adds messages to the status bar for each link. Additionally, Dallam County's site feature advanced Perl programming with a site search and Community Calendar. We think it is the standard for community pages on the net.

Bits n' Bytes Computers makes use of many advanced programming tecniques. A colorful, computer based image map can be used to navigate the entire site, or use the server side included Navagation bars which span the top of each page. Additionally, the site contains a Java site map based on Windows Explorer, Perl polls and colored tables. Finally, photos were added to enhance the look of the retail pages. One of our most heavily traversed sites, be sure to check out their specials. Supplies go quick on the internet!

Gaskill, Pharis & Pharis, P.C. is a profesionally designed site for a profesional firm. This sedate site features a bordered and textured background with the firm's corporate logo weaved into a button style image map. Profesional looking photos combined with well placed unordered lists give a refined look for any profesional firm wishing to establish an on-line presence.

Lincoln Street Baptist Church is a site designed with specialty graphics. The true test of this site was incorporating the ideas and colors schemes of the Church with the images and messages representing their ideas. The result is a stunning small church site which allows the membership to keep abreast of Church happenings while safely surfing the net for knowledge and information through the links provided. A heavy design on colored tables and bordered graphics also makes this site fun to look through. Advanced image switching javascript also allows for interaction with the user on the main page.

First Baptist Church is another church which has picked it's own design colors while relying heavily on photos and java programming. The front page greets you with a shimmering Lake Applet, while the schedule of events features a nifty java scrolling bulletin board. Inside, the pages are lined with a top header photo of the church and it's many features. An Internet Explorer Favorites style side bar stays with you on each page and feature a descriptive onMouseOver javascript on each link.

County Treasurers' Association of Texas is a simple page designed on a free web page provider's server. This site makes heavy use of bordered tables and small graphics inside the cells. One of the first Texas Association pages on-line, CTAT continues to be the leader in on-line presence for County Associations.

Worlds is the site which actually began our Web Designing. Our Webmaster's own personal home page, it contains bits and pieces of every piece of on-line programming, graphics and set up I have dabbled in over the past several years. A highly organized site with a "button-bar" style tables lay out, this site offers you the chance to find out more about the people behind our designs as well as a great place to poke around for ideas for your own site. At last count, this site had around one hundred pages, so take the time to surf and enjoy!

WW Irrigation is a basic layout of an industrial trade site. Using one main textured background throughout, a textured masthead logo, a scattering of animated gifs combined with on site photos give this site the perfect blend of high tech and industry. Look for the special table layout on the front cover designed to look like a business card!

Insurance Professionals. This is a nice small business site complete with interactive forms for processing on-line quotes. A professional website at an affordable price.

First National Bank of New Mexico. This is a great, growing website for an agressive bank chain. Featuring an image map linking the five branches, on-line stock and commodities quotes, loan and retirement estimators and a weather station for each city that has a branch bank. Check this one out!

International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine (ICHM). Nice professional organization site with custom backgrounds, masthead logo and side border buttons with image switching. Uses black and white scans for the newsletter and "clickable" scans to highligh the the meeting. Unique to this site is a customized "Welcome" cookie that will ask your name and keep track of when you visited last. This site is still hosted by, but not maintained by Bits n' Bytes. Check source codes for copyrights.

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